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Return Policy

1. Certain of our Suppliers offer a guarantee on their goods against breakage and apparent faults within a certain period (which is fixed from the original date of purchase). Their policy is to exchange the products if it is apparent that a factory fault caused a problem. If an article has been abused or tampered with the onus is on the suppliers to decide whether it will be replaced.

2. Sportculture thus cannot exchange a product without prior approval from the supplier thereof. However, Sportculture guarantees customers personal service and the least personal inconvenience in solving any problem as quickly as possible.

3. In the case of a product being returned it must be returned within 7 days of receiving the product, the product must be in its original condition and packaging. The postage would be at the expense of the consumer.

4. Should the product be guaranteed or the customer is entitled to a refund, the customer will be contacted by Sportculture once confirmation has been obtained from the supplier.

On such confirmation:

4.1. Should the customer require a refund, such moneys will be deposited into the customer’s bank account.

5. Sportculture adheres to the South African Consumer Protection Act.